Random Campaign Idea: Heroes of the Ages

Thought #1: This is a (probably incomplete) list of all the superhero (specific, not generics with supers supplements) I own: Superhero 2044, Villains and Vigilantes, Champions (boxed with 2 & 3 plus Big Blue Book), Marvel FASERIP, Heroes Unlimited (original, revised, and second editions), Batman (cut down Mayfair DC), Blood of Heroes (Mayfair DC minus DC), Mutants and Masterminds (2nd edition only), Truth and Justice, BASH (Ultimate Edition), Icons, and Mystery Men. Depending on how you count that’s as many as twelve (if Batman and Blood of Heroes are considered separately) but I’d really call it eleven. Of them, nine I’m willing to play. Champions is a bit heavy for me these days (Mutants and Masterminds barely makes the cut) and Superhero 2044 is incomplete (something I’ve thought since 7th grade when I got it) although both could make it into rotation. I’m especially excited about the additional material the upcoming Superhero 2044 will have. While it’s not the two books planned back in the day it’s something.

Now, just keep that in the back of your head.

Thought #2: One of the most common thread types on places like RPG.net is “what system for X?”. A similar type takes the inverse question “how to do X with Y?”. In fact, how often a system is mentioned as an answer to the first question is a bit of a bone of contention with the current darlings being mentioned for everything (when Exalted is the answer for the movie Outlands we’ve got issues). Still, it’s a valid question. D&D, as written, doesn’t mesh well with Tolkien, for example. Consider just the issue of Gandalf alone. He’s about 7th level as a magic-user and a sword wielding one at that. Even Conan, a clear inspiration, required dual classing abilities not achievable as per the AD&D rules book when presented by Gygax himself (see Dragon ### for the presentation, the fundamental problem is he goes up in two classes at once). This gets even more complicated when we consider characters that appear in different media by different authors. Do you mean Conan by Howard, in a Robert Jordon pastiche, in The Savage Sword of Conan comic, or the movies? Or, to tie it to my first question do you mean Captain America from the All Winner’s Squad, the Invaders, the Avengers, the recent Marvel Civil War, Ultimate Marvel, or that horrid 70s movie (please don’t let it be the later).

Thought #3: