Some of the Other Ideas

Given I’m moving the blog to a project centric style and inspired by Redwald (which you are reading, right?) I thought I’d list some of the other projects I have in the hopper.

Return of Prior Ideas

House of Atreus: A return to the idea I’ve called space monks.

Demon Haunted World: Equal parts Buffy and Harry mixed in with a touch of eighties rock.

New Ideas

The Gernsback League: Working title for a science fiction superheroes setting in the marvelous future of 2525. The main influences are the other world of The Gernsback Continuum (not the story itself, but the world Parker sees), the visuals of movies like Just Imagine, and, of course, The Legion of Superheroes (which arguably initially was set in just such a future).

Miss Elizabeth’s Guides: An Georgian/Regency influenced space setting drawing heavily on British/French rivalry during this period as well as some Jacobite material. It would really constitute the other side of the cluster of my monthly Stars without Number game at the local D&D meetup (which began with the effort to make Lord Byron King of Greece). It is named for a popular series of travel books for young ladies in the setting.

Magical Jane: Which could easily be called the fantasy version of Miss Elizabeth’s Guides.