101 Days of Rifts: Monday Pointers Labor Day 2014

One of the great things about this series is doing research. I’ve found a lot of things I did not realize were out there and now I can share some of it.

D4: Mad Dog’s Multiverse

This is the first place I thought to add. Some great stuff and it now hosts some older Palladium sites. It was updated this year.

D6: Kitsune’s Palladium Web Page

Another good page of material that is still regularly updated.

D8: Palladium’s Forums

I’ve been doing a lot of reading here. It has influenced how I’m planning to play especially in terms of MDC.

D10: From The Rifts

A Palladium video podcast that seems to have petered out last year.

D12: Radio Free Palladium

A Palladium podcast that started this year. It’s last episode was in June. It’s done by Zak at RPG Blog II

Monday Pointers January 20, 2014

D4: Interesting ideas from the first 15 years of roleplaying (1974 to 1989)
It is good to see people looking at the games of the era that are more obscure now (and even then). What is really interesting is I can only think of one game in the past ten years centered on one of those ideas. Necessary Evil is an explicit “play supervillians” game although even then the tone is different from Super Villians. I’m with Lowell (who writes Age of Ravens) that a retro-Reagan era game designed along the lines of Year of the Phoenix would be a near must buy.

D6: Play On Target
Speaking of Lowell Francis, I’ve been listening to this podcast (where he is one of four hosts) lately. It’s perfectly size for my commute and very interesting. The two genre episodes, for Horror and Supers, were especially interesting.

D8: Geoffrey_of_Monmouth, RPG Designer
Despite being familiar with Geoffrey’s idea of Britain being originally founded by Trojan refugees in his History of the Kings of Britain from my SCA days I never once though, “wow, this is a great idea for a campaign”. You know what, it is. I especially like his separation of adventure which reminds me of fantasy does have reality

Monday Pointers January 6, 2014

D4 The Other Side kicks over 40 Years Coverage
For me at some point in the past week I hit 36 years of D&D. I bought my first copy of Holmes along with a Gamma World first edition box to get the dice with Christmas money from 1977 at Toys by Roy. They had sold out of the boxed set of Holmes and separate dice during the Christmas rush (huge wargaming culture there). Given my dad drove me to the Parkdale mall in Beaumont, Tx for them it must have been a Saturday (Texas blues laws kept it closed on Sunday back then) unless he was on vacation. That makes my educated guess for my first book on 1977.12.31 and my first game the first week of 1978.

D6: Alternate Undead for Death Frost Doom
Alternate versions are always good to have in your pocket. I just recently started reading Billy Goes to Mordor and suspect it’s going to be in the pointers a bit the next few weeks.

D8: Guitar: the Shredding
Doug at Blue Boxer Rebellion is getting ready to do an interesting playtest. While the setup reminds me quite a bit of Starchildren (not Star Child as I commented) right down to the playing card interface. However, at least from the description, it seems more arena rock than punk (the cover and title were glam but I remember it as feeling punk) and doesn’t have the strong Reagan/Tipper Gore imagery of Starchildren (which seemed a bit out of place in the early aughts anyway).

D10: Imagine We Skin Giant Beavers
Alexis at The Tao of D&D has some interesting thoughts on the potential of the fantastic in an economic system. Given the extensive system he has build (and which I’ve been trying to wrap my head around and implement a reduced version myself) this will be interesting to watch.

D12: Encyclopedic Knowledge
Speaking of implementing an economic system it lead to find you can get the entirety of the fabled eleventh edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica in multiple forms online. Is it out of date? Yes. Is it problematic in some areas, especially to modern sensibilities? Yes. Do those two faults make it the perfect source for real world info to help create locations, cultures, and individuals for your fantasy games? Yes. I have downloaded the entire thing in PDF and text (the later is great for searching for things like how many times the word gold is used).

Monday Pointers, December 16, 2013

D4:Strange Stones Finds Inspiration
Lots of great stuff is at archive.org and Strange Stones has some links.

D6:Off to Venus
Swords & Stitchery and it’s sister blog Dark Corners Of Role Playing also links to inspiration from archive.org but as single items with notes in using them in OSR games.

D8:Obsolete Simulations Roundup
Savage After World is hosting a blog hop for obscure RPGs of any era at the end of the month. You could sign up to talk about your favorite lost RPG.

Monday Pointers, June 3 2013

D4: The Implied Setting of the LBB
Around 1980 after starting with Holmes and getting the PHB and MM I got the LBB and the supplements. I even got Outdoor Survival to do wilderness adventures. With the game and the solo dungeons in Best of the Dragon (revised and expanded in the DMG) I played a solo game on weeknights. I lived out in the country with no friends in walking distance. As a hex and chit wargamer I was used to solo play. These articles sound about right.

Monday Pointers, March 18, 2013 Edition

Wow did a lot of people post interesting stuff while I was on vacation:

D4: Vampires of Mexico
While the Rifts:2112 is a very different direction from my RDR ideas they’ve been worth reading. His ideas on using local vampires to replace both the pseudo-European vampires of the Vampire Kingdoms (and the lame alien intelligences) is worth outright stealing. Matriarchal vampire kingdoms in old Mexico whose cast of male ghouls are what most gringos think vampires are is inspired. Read it as a case study in using local color/inspiration instead of bog standard D&D monsters for a better game if nothing else.

D6: Fancy Pants PCs
I especially like his rules for privileged backgrounds at level 1. Requiring a justification, no matter how lame, and the pseudo-patron gifts are exactly the kind of touches that make old school play different from more modern games. Sure, you can point buy the same thing in Hero/GURPS/EABA/Storytellering and so on (and I’ve had fun with 3 of those 4…haven’t had a chance to play EABA yet) but that’s a surface similarity. Underneath is a world of difference in attitude and outcomes in play.

D8: Glorantha 4th Edition
I had thought a little on these lines (although I’m much more in the “Exalted is Glorantha” school) but never this thoroughly. This might go in my “someday/maybe” pile. Oh, and the Shadow power source could map well to Trolls.

D10: But officer I was just eating porridge when the blonde broke in…
Beedo wonders what the wandering monsters are doing and creates some tables for more interesting encounters.

D12: Read all those Marvel comics you can’t afford
Hat tip to Aos at The Metal Earth for pointing me to a $60/year digital archive at Marvel. The only downside is its Marvel. If only DC would get this smart and let me read their back catalog online.

Monday Pointers 2013-02-25

D4: Roll When You Advance
Zak has been creating alternate versions of the core classes (plus his own Alice) that don’t get new abilities on schedule but roll for them. So far he’s got fighters, rangers, thieves, wizards, barbarians, and the aforementioned Alice (or Fool). I like them all but the Wizard is my favorite. He is using LotFP as his baseline but they should adapt easily to most TSR D&D type games. The Alice especially seems like she’d fit under the Red Sun (and would work in White Box easily enough).

D6: We don’t play D&D&#0153
The last line of this post is the most important thing about RPGs (and probably does more to explain why Palladium has rubbed so many people the wrong way than 10,000 words at the purple site).

D8: Peril of the Fat Princess
Lately I’ve been reading Ginger Gone Gaming. She recently ran her first game which adopted Peril of the Fat Princess to Lamentations of the Flame Princess. The adventure is just the right kind of silly side trip that your game needs sometimes so give it a look. Also, props to a first time GM adopting a 4e adventure to LotFP.

Monday Pointers, Flogging Molly Edition, February 11, 2013

D4: One I Forgot
Two weeks back when I did things I should have know about already I forgot Heroes & Other Worlds. A modern clone/descendant of The Fantasy Trip I don’t have it yet but it’s on my list.

D6: Really Old School Art
Save Vs. Dragon did a series of posts on turn of the 20th century fantasy artists last week. They are well worth checking out.

D8: Speaking of the Fantasy Trip
This is a handy little comparison of TFT with games based on it.

D10: One Page Write-up Holmes Style
If you read the Holmes sample dungeon it has about a page setting up Portown (the dungeon’s location). As an alternative to creating your own Homlet it’s a fun idea and Blue Boxer Rebellion gives us his campaign’s version.

D12: Fight Over
Fight On! is coming to an end. That is sad news.

Monday Pointers, January 28, 2013: Why Didn’t I Know About This Edition

D4: Flying Swordsman RPG
It’s bad enough that I didn’t know that was a Moldvay style retro-clone focusing on China with Wuxia style martial arts. It’s downright embarrassing that the writer’s blog is on my reader list. I bought Nod 8 for Mu-Pan to use with Ruins & Ronin. I think, given the more Chinese nature of Mu-Pan, Flying Swordsman is a better fit (although R&R has great additional material). It’s hard not to buy Nod 9 and 10 now to have it all.

D6: A Blue Retroclone
As regular readers know I started with the wonderful blue book edition edited by Dr. Holmes. There had yet not been a retroclone of this melange of OD&D and its supplements, magazine articles (five fold alignment for one), house rules, and AD&D but Dreamscape Design has provided one and an adventure. They promise another book to expand the levels to 14 (although several other ones already exist)

D8: Speaking of Holmes
Okay, this one I already knew about. In fact, I’ve been a member for a while. For those interested in Holmes there is a Google+ community.

D10: Scavenger Fleets
If it hadn’t been for dead redshirts I still wouldn’t know my favorite space game had a new supplement. Go grab it and while you’re at it read about the rest of the Redshirts campaign over at Rather Gamey. It sounds like it was a blast (we linked to it earlier regarding the factions game posts).