Monday Pointers: Less the Fool Edition

D4:You Don’t Need a Hex to Crawl
Ix provides a hex less crawl through the Kingdom of Ignorance in Northwestern Glorantha. It’s designed for the Doomquest micro-RQ hack in Fight On! issue 11. This really strikes me for a couple of reasons. First, it’s Glorantha, a setting I’ve loved since first owning RQ2 back in 1980. Second, like a lot of OSR oriented people I love collections of charts that I can use to GM on the fly. Third, I like how he has it set-up in terms of what the hexless means. I’m not sure if this is original to these posts or even Ix but it’s new to me. I think it could adapt really well to the Tuesday night D&D4 campaign whose focus is shifting after the TPK-1 in early March.

D6:The Best Things in Gaming Are Free
Well, maybe not all of them. Still, as this list of free material for Labyrinth Lord shows you could arguably have a life-time RPG hobby and only buy dice, pencils, and paper. While it won’t stop me from buying stuff it’s good to have a reminder that our hobby is one that doesn’t take much money (or space given this is all electronic).

D8:End Times for The B/X Companion
No, it’s not going away because of WotC lawyers but more mundane end of a printing press. Actually, Blackrazor has the 3rd printing ready and lets us know it’ll be the last saddle stitched (and maybe last period). If, like me, you’ve been tardy in ordering one times a wasting so get it now. Also, once this sells out he’ll start work on the PDF version so, if you’re waiting for PDF, buy a hard copy.

D10:The One Reboot I Enjoyed
Matt stumbles upon what is really happening to many OSR types in this post. I know, after reading it, it’s what happened to me. When I first saw Basic Fantasy Roleplaying it did that to me. In fact, this blog is the reaction to the process that began with that discovery along with James Raggi IV’s 101 Days of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (which despite being a couple of years old at that time I hadn’t read until then due to his posting later about finding players with flyers).

D12:Deluxe Megadungeon on the Horizon
I know Castle of the Archmage can be had free but this looks well worth it.

D13:I’ve Gotten Over 40 XP and Leveled Up
I’d like to thank everyone who has followed me as I’m now A Thinker