Savage Rifts

For the three people who haven’t heard, Rifts is Coming for Savage Worlds!

Pinnacle Entertainment Group announced today the development of Rifts for Savage Worlds, their award-winning tabletop roleplaying game system.
Pinnacle released a mock cover, using art from Palladium’s 2005 Rifts Ultimate Edition with permission. The cover artist for the book was Scott Johnson.
“We are thrilled to follow up Kevin’s post with this announcement that we do, indeed, have the license to develop Rifts for Savage Worlds,” said Savage Worlds creator Shane Hensley. “We are early in the process, but anticipate having a core rulebook for the setting released in time for Christmas.”

In last week’s Palladium update, Kevin had mentioned someone had licensed Rifts. Savage Worlds was neither my first guess or my first choice in system but I’m interested. I’m sure I’ll buy at least the first book.

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