Back in the Saddle

I ran a game for the first time in over two years this past Sunday.

The game is Hero Fifth Edition fantasy using their The Valdorian Age setting. Three characters, a thief kicked out of the guild, a plains barbarian exiled from his tribe, and a former sorcerer’s apprentice had to deal with a mischievous silver box and its guardians.

The adventure was pretty simple with a very basic puzzle, two combats, and two brief NPC talking encounters. I haven’t run Hero since before the Big Blue Book, one player hasn’t played Hero in years, and the other two were Hero virgins. The main goal was to get everyone up to speed on system basics. It played faster than I remember.

This is a once a month campaign.

This coming Sunday will bring the kick-off of a Phase World campaign. I have three players but I’m open to six so there are three slots available. If you’re in Metro Atlanta and interested let me know.

2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle

  1. Congratulations on easing back into the DM’s Shoes of Power 😉

    Never an easy thing to do and I must admit, confidence does tend to wear away after a period of time of zero DM’ing. I wish you the very best for your future games, and may all your dice favour the lucky player who risks everything.

    • Thank you. I do miss it. Already contemplating games 3 & 4 (and five and six and…why do I need this job things again).

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