Open Letter to OBS

I have read your open letter about it and it does not pass the smell test.

“Similarly, no matter how one feels about Gamergate, it is likewise too current, too emotionally frought, and too related to violence to be an appropriate subject for satire.”

Let me introduce you to games you’re also selling:

ROLF: The Pimp, the Protester, and the Po-Po about OWS. May I point out that Occupy is active and unlike GamerGate actual violence including rape, assault, and police brutality occurred at Occupy camps. Why are those not too close to real violence to not belong on OBS?

Crack Wh-r-:–Solitaire-Adventure-Dice-Game?it=1 A game about being a crack whore. How is that not too emotionally frought or related to violence to remove? How is last night, which is the last time I saw a person that matched the title, not too current?

Porn Masters: The Board Game: Did the exploitation of women in the porn industry suddenly end? What is that, the exploitation of women in porn is overstated? Given there are zero actual events of physical violence in gamer gate, who exactly is doxxing is still debated, and there are questions about some people creating their own harassment to gain sympathy GG is clearly behind porn in terms of exploitation where there are documented events.

There are unofficial Cards Against Humanity sets. You do realize Cards Against Humanity has cards describing actual phyiscal harm occurring real life individuals, especially Glenn Beck who has at least three devoted to his being harmed:

Blenn Beck being harried by a warm of buzzards.
Glenn Beck catching his scrotum on a curtain hook.
Glenn Beck convulsively vomiting as a brood of crab spiders hatches in his brain and erupts from his tear ducts.

They did, however, apologize about the “passable transvestites” card.

As a result, I just don’t believe you. I believe one of your larger vendors made threats and you caved. Occam’s razor says it’s the easiest explanation for why this one game was so offensive.

The alternate conclusion is that the rejected game made fun of the wrong people and that OBS, like the makers of CAH, are fine with jokes about violence against people they don’t like (often in the name of tolerance) but if one of their sacred cows gets it the long knives come out (again in the name of tolerance).

If you look at my records you’ll see I’ve spent $674.28 and received $0.65 in affiliate credits in 2014. Clearly I’m a regular customer. With the addition of POD of the OWoD and some NWoD games I missed as well as lots of PDFs of out of print books and many games released only through you, you were a good hobby source.

Given your recent action I have to conclude you’re either happy letting people use their politics to dictate what games I can buy from you or you are happy to use yours. Even in the places where my politics agree with those of the gatekeeper in question I cannot approve of this practice for two reasons.

1. The precident established it can be used against things I like.
2. More importantly it feeds the politicization of everything. I can’t watch TV anymore to escape this. Movies are gone and most of mainstream publishing as well is more interested in being politically correct or safe than interesting. Gaming was one of the few refuges and I will not support those taking it away.

OBS has a strong corner on RPGs but as a result of your choice to police either people Red Hat or OBS doesn’t like you will be a source of last resort from this point forward.

It’s been fun but maybe we shouldn’t hang out so much anymore.

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to OBS

  1. 110%

    There is no reasonable doubt that factors essentially unrelated to the content of the game were the genesis, substance, & disposition of this case.

    The lack of any substantive defence of the decision speaks far more eloquently than their weak-kneed letter to publishers.

    • It is clear and because their given answer does not wash when other material at OBS is evaluated we have to engage in supposition.

      Chris @ EvilHat clearly believes his tweet got the game pulled. Fred Hicks’s comments have been non-committal. He does admit they considered pulling out and agrees with the suppression of the game while claiming the threat was made without his permission. He has yet to unequivocally reject the threat nor has he said it didn’t meet his approval even if only obtained after the fact.

      Too bad, I was going to pick up a Fate based game, the new edition of Mindjammer. However, I don’t want my dollars flowing to the coffers of those happy to use their big fish in a small pond status to bully people they don’t like.

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