101 Days of Rifts: Audience Participation

As I said Saturday I’m now a Megaversal Ambassador. For my first demo game I want to cash in on Guardians of the Galaxy with a comic book space opera game. Generally, I consider all Palladium games comic book games (which is an upcoming post). While the current Guardians book, like its predecessor, is a superhero book to a degree it’s more sci-fi space opera. It is even more so than my first love in comics, The Legions of Superheroes. So, while Heroes Unlimited might be the logical first choice I’m also thinking Phase World is another possibility.

So, audience participation, if you were going to create a Palladium demo game with a GotG like setup which game would you use: Heroes Unlimited, Phase World, or something else?

4 thoughts on “101 Days of Rifts: Audience Participation

  1. Hmmm……the only version of Heroes Unlimited I have ever owned was the first edition revised. I have looked at Heroes Unlimited Second Edition several times but I haven’t picked it up yet. I haven’t messed with Phase World at all so I don’t know. My [uninformed] opinion leads me to believe that a mixture of both would serve you quite well in a Guardians of the Galaxy type game. Of course, grain of salt…YMMV…etc.

  2. I would probably start with the Phase World setting and incorporate Heroes Unlimited elements as well. There is precedent there already, with Heroes Unlimited characters able to come to Phase World through rifts, as well as programs like the Invincible Guardsmen creating supers native to the Three Galaxies.

      • I hope I didn’t get the name wrong. I don’t have the book handy at the moment, but if I remember correctly, they’re in the first Phase World sourcebook (Dimension Book 3?). They were the Transgalactic Empire’s answer to cosmo-knights, genetically engineered super-soldiers. They have some stock super powers in the sourcebook itself, and it encourages GMs to supplement their powers with ideas from Heroes Unlimited.

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