101 Days of Rifts: Law and Order Laramie

Player characters love to get in trouble. From a good old-fashioned bar fight to assassination with robbery and extortion in between it seems PCs commit more crimes than the average character on Leverage and Burn Notice combined. It’s what makes them interesting and not a bit scary.

Well, pardner, in building Laramie after the Rifts has a basic judicial system. The Sheriff, , and his four deputies, a, b, c, and d, are around town and ready to pick up those caught or suspected of crime. The system does give you a speedy trial with jury. Six locals are recognized judges and as soon as one is found he’ll round-up a baker’s dozen of jurors and give you a trial. Civil trials work the same way. In either case you’ll be expected to pay half of the judge’s fee and each of the jurors although in civil trials the loser often pays the winner court costs. For those familiar with the book The Moon is a Harsh Mistress if you’re thinking this sounds a lot like Stu’s trial you’ve nailed my inspiration.

The following tables are for run ins with the law in or around Laramie:

Who is arresting us (d10):

1-3: Deputy William Rouge
3-6: Deputy Frank “Dead Eye” Canton
7-8: Deputy Joseph Canton
9: Deputy Mathew Angus
10: Sheriff Nathan Kirk Boswell

Who is the judge (d6):

1: Head Librarian Thadeus Jurgen
2: Big Steve the Weapons Man
3: Samuel the Axe (Lumber exporter)
4: Chip Carson, Owner of the Cowboy
5: Henry Tay, Owner of the Branding Iron
6: Chief Water Mother, Matriarch of the Local Traditionalist

Jury’s Verdict (d4 for minor crime, d6 for civi suits, d8 for major crime, d12 for capitol crime):

1 or less: Not guilty
2-3: Small fine (1d4 days expenses)
4-5: Large fine (2d6 days expenses)
7-9: Hard labor for 2d6 days
10-11: Hard labor for 2d6 weeks
12: Hangin’


+/- 2 for citizen witness against or for you (if multiple just apply for the bigger set)
+/- 1 for second class citizen or outsider witnesses against or for you
+/- 2 for failed or successful skill roll to persuade jury (yes, you could talk your way into a noose but you don’t have to make a skill roll)
+1 arrested by the Sheriff

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