101 Days of Rifts: Notes and Gamer ADD

This is not the Rifts post for the day, that is already in and scheduled. As was my want back when I last regularly updated it is inspirational art.

In fact, my plan is the Monday through Saturday posts will mostly follow my old schedules:

Monday: pointers to interesting articles
Tuesday: campaign information (not so random campaign ideas)
Wednesday: Inspirational art
Thursday: Rules material
Friday: Buried Treasures (all Palladium for the period)
Saturday: Appendix N

Now, as to how hard this “nothing but Rifts and Palladium I can use in Rifts for 101 days”. Monday the new issue of Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad arrived. Yesterday my huge, heavy, coffee table style Guide to Glorantha books arrived (from the Kickstarter a couple of years back). I have to wait for December to read them.

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