101 Days of Rifts: What and Why?

In the past year my RPG life has been nearly non-existent. I was briefly in a B/X game that migrated to AD&D2 and was a bit too railroady for my tastes. My two attempts to get something started, one S&W and one Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (with the Starter Set), were still-born. The second one, coming about the time of the D&D 5th Edition release controversy basically turned me off of even reading about RPGs.

Yet, one of the reasons I agreed to move to the new house is room to regularly game. The living room is essentially setup as a game room with my old kitchen table and a ton of Ikea bookcases. I have a frame and space for my print from the recent version of Orge. I have reserved a space for my Metamorphosis Alpha cover print. Now all I need is a gaming group.

The easy thing would be to offer up the new edition of D&D but it’s still dribbling out. Also, everyone is trying to sell that game. I wanted to do something different but due to my interest and in competing for a group. Lately I’ve been going through my every 18 months love affair with Palladium Books’s games. I have wanted to run Rifts, Nightbane, or one of their other games for quite a while. So, I figured what not offer up some Rifts.

However, when games don’t make immediately I tend to easily give up. I want to avoid that this time around. About a decade ago an RPG.net user started a forum thread 101 Days of Savage Worlds. It became a hot idea for a while there. In fact, my first real notice of James Raggi IV himself was 101 Days of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The last one of which I am aware, which is appropriate to note here, is 101 Days of Palladium Fantasy 2nd Edition in 2011.

Grubman declared:

For the next 101 days as a GM I will use nothing but Savage Worlds for all my Game Mastering. That means I will write adventures and run game sessions using nothing but SW despite the genre or setting. I also will not be reading/buying any new games with any intention to read the system (but perhaps the setting) other than WFRP which I refuse to stop “collecting”.

So, starting today (August 25, 2014) and running for 101 days (December 3, 2014) I’m going to limit my GM side RPG thinking, reading, and writing to Rifts and maybe a few other bits from the broader Palladium Megaverse as it would impact my hope to soon be running Rifts game. I will not buy any non-Palladium materials with two exceptions: my already ordered Fifth Edition core books (but my picked up just this past Saturday PHB will remain unread) and two Kickstarters (the Necromancer Games Fifth Edition books and the upcoming Sine Nomine one).

5 thoughts on “101 Days of Rifts: What and Why?

  1. I hear you about 5e fatigue, which is why I am writing all scifi stuff for the foreseeable future. There is some old Rift houserules and Palladium stuff on my blog – feel free to swipe and use.

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