Monday Pointers, December 16, 2013

D4:Strange Stones Finds Inspiration
Lots of great stuff is at and Strange Stones has some links.

D6:Off to Venus
Swords & Stitchery and it’s sister blog Dark Corners Of Role Playing also links to inspiration from but as single items with notes in using them in OSR games.

D8:Obsolete Simulations Roundup
Savage After World is hosting a blog hop for obscure RPGs of any era at the end of the month. You could sign up to talk about your favorite lost RPG.

The Motorhead: A S&W Whitebox Class

If there is a classic example of “better living through chemistry” the Motorhead is it. Using advanced pharmaceuticals, DNA techniques, and nano-tech they can push the human body (including the brain) beyond its natural limits. Of course, when you violate nature there is a price to pay and as the Motorhead up powers more and more their body or mind may simply collapse from the strain.

The Good: Up reaching a level the Motorhead can pick up to his level number in improvements but can pick fewer or even zero. The improvements are permanent. The same item can be picked multiple times at the same level:

  • Improve STR, DEX, CON, or INT by +1
  • Add 1d6 HP
  • Add +1 to armor class without armor
  • Add +1 to saving throws
  • Add +1 to BAB
  • Add +1d4 to HtH damage

The Bad: The human body is still just a human body. After selecting your improvements record their total value (+1 for most, the die results for Hit Point improvement, and the roll of 1d4 for the extra HtH die). When you next go up a level before picking improvements make a saving throw versus death with the total value of the prior level’s improvements as a penalty. The Motorhead is the classic example of living fast and dying young.

The Ugly: However, some Motorheads aren’t that lucky. If you survive the saving throw versus death make a second one with the same penalty. If you fail roll you suffer a permanent disability. Roll d4 and apply the following:

  1. Enfeebled: STR and CON reduced by your new level
  2. Drooling Idiot: INT reduced by your new level.
  3. Fragile: Lose level d3 HPs and your unarmored AC is reduced by your new level.
  4. Unbalanced: DEX is reduced by your new level and you gain a a to hit penalty equal to your new level.

This disabilities stack. If you suffer disabilities at levels 2 and 4 and roll a 4 both times your to hit penalty is -6.

In all other respects treat the Motorhead as a normal Swords & Wizardry Whitebox fighter.

The Motorhead is a class for my RiDoR Project

Monday Pointers, December 2, 2013

D4:An unusual item for winter or arctic wilderness adventures
I think this ice disc could get typical paranoid players worked up for a good long time if you played it straight. However, it is interesting to speculate on the magical purpose it could serve or the creature that could create it.

D6:Kicking it Old School
Now if they would only release it on 8 Track Tape.

D8:Art Nouveau Portraits of 1980s Heroines
Okay, they’re not what I’d consider Art Nouveau in the actual portraiture. They are more modern in style with borders inspired on Albert Mucha (compare the portraits at the first link to those at the second). Still, they are interesting and might be worth a pin or two.