Questions When Running OD&D

As I said in my last post I’m considering trying to run some LBB-centric Dungeons & Dragons. If I do it will be (at least initially) pickup games at the FLGS. As such I’m trying to anticipate the most common questions/assumptions I’ll face and have ready answers.

So far I have:

  • I want to play a thief. I have a variety of thief classes for Swords & Wizardry White Box. I’ll ask the player a bit what he is after and use one that matches best or just use the adventurer from Pars Fortuna.
  • What do weapons all do the same damage I have this cool article about weapons effects from Knockspell 05 that we’ll use.

What ones would you ask or expect players to ask?

One thought on “Questions When Running OD&D

  1. Probably the best of the published retroclone thief classes is the Delving Deeper version: flat 4 in 6 chance on all thief skills, right from the start. The DD thief skills, aside from backstab, do not improve with level, though. If you want improvement, I suggest a flat +1 bonus if the thief is a higher level than the target; use dungeon level as level of traps and locks.

    The most common question is going to be “Can I do ___?” where the blank is some kind of skill or ability. My own preference is to respond “You can try anything. You *should* try anything.” And I use a flat 5+ on 1d6 chance for any kind of “skill”. You’ll probably have to work out how you’re going to handle skills yourself.

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