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This page is part of the Swords of the Red Sun Monsters Project. They are the Swords of the Red Sun replacement for Holmes’s bandits.

Lethargy and decadence are not man’s only response to the dying of the sun. As with just about everything else in human history the Red Sun and the cooling earth have become a cause for fanaticism. There are two major divisions in types of cults: those who wish to prevent the Sun’s death (and perhaps even reverse its cooling) and those who wish to hasten it.

Both are generally chaotic forces in the world. Sacrifices of various kinds are common solutions presented to the sun dying. Many cult leaders are sincere but plenty of con arts will use “sacrifices” of worldly good to enrich themselves while the occasional sociopath will use it to justify wholesale slaughter. A handful of cults, exclusively of the save the world kind, attempt to restore the sun by getting man on a moral path. While some of these are lawful, and you expect them all to be, many have become so fanatical that those who will not embrace their sun saving codes are put to the sword.

% in Lair: 30%
Dungeon Encounter: Cell (2d4)/ Mystery (1 Cell)
Wilderness Encounter: Congregation (1d10 Mysteries) / Synod (2d6 Congregations)
Armor Class:By armor type, normally unarmored
Hit Dice:1
Number of Attacks: 1
Damage: 1-6/weapon
Dexterity:3d6(avg 10)/ 2d8 x d10 in lair
Movement: 120′
Number Appearing:
Save as: Fighter 1
Treasure Type: None if not in lair/H in lair
Alignment: 1-10: Chaotic 11-12: Lawful

For every 30 bandits there will be a 4 level fighter serving as a leader. For every 50 there will be a 5th (1-3) or 6th (4-6) level fighter. Fighters generally have leather (1-7), chain (8-11), or plate (12) armor and a sword and shield or pole arm.

Over 200 cultists have a 25% chance of a mage of 8th level. They also have a 25% chance of a fanatical cleric of 10th (1-4) or 12th (5-6) level. These clerics are not attached to an order but draw on the fear of men of the world ending. They cast from the standard list but can only cast the reversible version of reversible spells.

Fighters have a 1% per level chance of having magic armor, shield, and weapon (roll separately for each). This is increased to 5%/level if a cleric is present given enchanting armor and weapons is a clerical power under the Red Sun. Such weapons will be attuned. Clerics have the same 5% chance per level for the same items.

Mages have a 5% chance per level for wands/staves, rings, and miscellaneous magic.

Cultists are generally unarmored and use clubs or daggers. If a fighter is present there will be three times his level will be armored one level below his armor (minimum of leather) and similarly armed.

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