A-Z Challenge: Beggars of Baslim and Brewers of Papazian

Today we feature two more clerical orders of the Red Sun: the Beggars of Baslim and the Brewers of Papazian. This two work some of the oldest paths of the Soul of Man: the seeking of alms and information and the creating and imbibing of alcohol.

The Beggars’ patron is actually relatively recent, coming from the myths about man travelling to the stars. Of course, even the elves traveled no further than the moon so Baslim’s home was a forgotten city and not another world. While Baslim did in fact beg for alms for the poor like so many of the beggars and other unnoticed he also dealt in secrets. Today his spiritual decedents beg for the money to support their alms houses but the members support themselves primarily in espionage by hearing conversations only the unnoticed can hear.

Beggars in ACK

Holy Symbol:Tin beggars cut with “all the worders for beggar” engraved upon it.
Temples:Alms houses
Allowed weapons: Beggars use the typical clerical weapon array. The most common is the staff which is often used as a walking stick or crutch as many beggars appear lame.

Spell Substitutions
Beggars use their powers more in efforts of spying than in efforts of succor although they are often second only to the Physicians of Holmes in healing.. As a result make the following spell substitutions to the stock divine list:

Still working on their spell list

Beggar Template:
Proficiencies: Lip Reading, Sensing Power
Starting Equipment: Tin beggar’s cup (holy symbol), quarterstaff, , peasant tunic and pants, sandals, blanket, small sack, 2 week’s iron rations

If the beggar is one of man’s oldest professions the brewer cannot be far behind. From the first spoiled berry juice to the first water-logged grain to the first still man has enjoyed indulging in drink. The Brewers still enjoy it today. While it might seem brewing does not allow for much use of power in the world the Brewers can create a variety of potent spirits that smack of alcoholic alchemy. Their spells are often those of fortifying the spirit as well as the body, sustaining both through stress and strain. They are so focused on fortifying spirits that they do not use holy water but holy wort or must (unfermented beer or wine).

It should also be pointed out that the spreading decadence under the Red Sun has created many desiring to follow the paths of pleasure. Many a glutton can be numbered among the Brewers.

Brewers in ACK

Holy Symbol: A very charismatic wooden spoon used to stir holy wort or must.
Temples: Speakeasy or Beer Garden (the later are more common rural areas where members grow their own grain, fruits, and hops)
Allowed weapons: Brewers may wield the normal clerical array but prefer to use scythes (treat as a flail).

Spell Substitutions
Brewers concentrate on sustaining the mind and boy. As a result make the following spell substitutions to the stock divine list:

Still working on their spell list

Brewers Template:
Proficiencies: Alchemy, Craft(fermenting and distilling)
Starting Equipment: Charismatic wooden spoon (holy symbol), scythe, chain mail armor, crafter’s tunic and pants, low leather boots, leather belt, a wineskin filled with good wine, a wineskin filled with good beer, 1 week’s iron rations

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    • It is but not very complex. It’s for Basic Dungeons & Dragons circa 1980 and later games using essentially the same rules. Specifically, it’s written for a modern neo-clone called Adventurer Conqueror King. You can make a character in about 10 minutes and learn to play in another 10.

  1. Well, then clearly I owe you a beer or cider of your choice (I’m a cider man myself) if you make it to Atlanta.

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