A-Z Blogging Challenge: Abolitionists of Tubman

One of the oldest sins in the Soul of Man is slavery. Consequently one of the oldest currents tapped into by clerics is opposition to it. The most common clerics under the Red Sun to tap into resistance to slavery are the Abolitionists of Tubman. Their patron in the Soul of Man is a woman of middle years who always appears in a drab shawl with a scarf about her head.

The Abolitionists strive to free slaves of any kind with their abilities. They are not an exceptionally martial order. Instead, they free their charges by stealth instead of the sword. They are commonly known to hire those of questionable character for their stealthy abilities.

Although they claim to have always been with us, the Abolitionists rose to their current prominence at the height of the Last Empire. Stealing away slaves from the Draconic Elves they were in many places the only resistance to the Last Empire for decades. As humans and others began guerrilla resistance to the Last Empire it was common for them to use Abolitionist Stations as assembly points. When open resistance began they played a less prominent logistical role but continued as a core ideology.

As the sun has cooled the order continues to work. The Last Empire has mostly shrunken to the Islands of Morning Calm but many of its successors, even in places where the Abolitionists were key to the resistance, continued slavery. In a feat of irony some Stations began to shuttle more Draconic Elves escaping slavery by humans than humans escaping slavery (the later at human and elven hands). As the world grows more decadent and people want to lounge in luxury waiting for the end slavery has become more, not less, common. As they have since the days of their patron, the Abolitionists will stand against it until the sun goes out.

Abolitionists in ACK

Holy Symbol:Set of broken shackles or a latern with lenses of red and green
Allowed weapons: Abolitionists use the typical clerical weapon array. They often assemble broken shackles on a poll as their most common weapon (treat as a flail). Also common is the quarterstaff (which doubles as a walking stick).

Spell Substitutions
Abolitionists lack access to spells that steal the will of their target. Instead, the tap into powers allowing for stealth and escape. As a result make the following spell substitutions to the stock divine list:

1st Level: Replace Command Word with Pass without Trace (from the ACK Player’s Companion).
2nd Level: Replace Hold Person with Obscuring Cloud (from the ACK Player’s Companion). Replace Snake Charm with Water Route (see below).
5nd Level: Replace Quest with Invisibility, 10′ radius (same as Arcane third level spell).

New Spell: Water Route
Divine 2
Range: 0′
Duration: 1 turn per level

One of the best ways to flee is over water as it leaves no trail or scent. This spell allows the person it is cast on to walk on water at their normal walking movement rate. It also keeps them above water and dry.

Abolitionist Template:
Proficiencies: Navigation, Disguise
Starting Equipment: Flail made of broken shackles, banded plate armor, crafter’s tunic and pants, cloak, checkered head scarf, leather belt, high boots, waterskin, small sack, holy book (The Exodus of Moses), 1 week’s iron rations, red and green lensed lantern and a flask of common oil (holy symbol).

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