Monday Pointers, March 18, 2013 Edition

Wow did a lot of people post interesting stuff while I was on vacation:

D4: Vampires of Mexico
While the Rifts:2112 is a very different direction from my RDR ideas they’ve been worth reading. His ideas on using local vampires to replace both the pseudo-European vampires of the Vampire Kingdoms (and the lame alien intelligences) is worth outright stealing. Matriarchal vampire kingdoms in old Mexico whose cast of male ghouls are what most gringos think vampires are is inspired. Read it as a case study in using local color/inspiration instead of bog standard D&D monsters for a better game if nothing else.

D6: Fancy Pants PCs
I especially like his rules for privileged backgrounds at level 1. Requiring a justification, no matter how lame, and the pseudo-patron gifts are exactly the kind of touches that make old school play different from more modern games. Sure, you can point buy the same thing in Hero/GURPS/EABA/Storytellering and so on (and I’ve had fun with 3 of those 4…haven’t had a chance to play EABA yet) but that’s a surface similarity. Underneath is a world of difference in attitude and outcomes in play.

D8: Glorantha 4th Edition
I had thought a little on these lines (although I’m much more in the “Exalted is Glorantha” school) but never this thoroughly. This might go in my “someday/maybe” pile. Oh, and the Shadow power source could map well to Trolls.

D10: But officer I was just eating porridge when the blonde broke in…
Beedo wonders what the wandering monsters are doing and creates some tables for more interesting encounters.

D12: Read all those Marvel comics you can’t afford
Hat tip to Aos at The Metal Earth for pointing me to a $60/year digital archive at Marvel. The only downside is its Marvel. If only DC would get this smart and let me read their back catalog online.

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