How to do a Kickstarter…

The Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls Kickstarter funded, at just shy of 5x the target, on February 5th.

This weekend’s update:

We promised everyone (except the underappreciated $1 backers!) a postcard. Then we promised to send a bookmark, 4 tattoos, (and in some cases, an early bird magnet). I am in the process of printing out labels for these. I have printed out labels for everyone who pledged at a level higher than $60 (I’m working my way down the list) and these will go out tomorrow or tuesday. I’m afraid the rest of you will have to wait until I get home from the GAMA Trade Show. I leave in two or three hours, and will be gone for a week.

I would have gotten more labels done, but I spent most of the day yesterday at a photo shoot! 😉 We had a lot of fun, and I think we will have a cool looking poster of the five of us. We’ll let you all see it soon.

Now, is this the big stuff? No, this is tiny premiums that needed to be designed and manufactured because, except for the postcard, none was planned beforehand.

Yet, here we are under six weeks later and they’re on their way to a good number of people and the others are delayed due to GAMA is this week. They’ll get mailed after. The reason is understandable, measurable (we know when GAMA ends), and actually given.

Plus, another big premium, the post of the team, is actually being done.

Now, if the main item, the book, slips they’ve already started to build goodwill by getting at least little things into our hands now. Given mockup pages of deluxe were in the video I suspect it’s more done than we thought and the money is mostly for art and, *gasp*, editing. We know that’s the stated purpose (and Liz produced what remains one of the best edited RPG books of all time with fifth edition 30 years ago) but now we have some evidence.

While there is plenty of time for me to look too optimistic I suspect this may be a Kickstarter, along with Spears of the Dawn and Adventures Dark and Deep Player’s Handbook (both of which came in early and the later enough underbudget the the DMG for the game won’t need a Kickstarter), which is a good example for future RPG people.

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