Monday Pointers 2013-02-25

D4: Roll When You Advance
Zak has been creating alternate versions of the core classes (plus his own Alice) that don’t get new abilities on schedule but roll for them. So far he’s got fighters, rangers, thieves, wizards, barbarians, and the aforementioned Alice (or Fool). I like them all but the Wizard is my favorite. He is using LotFP as his baseline but they should adapt easily to most TSR D&D type games. The Alice especially seems like she’d fit under the Red Sun (and would work in White Box easily enough).

D6: We don’t play D&D&#0153
The last line of this post is the most important thing about RPGs (and probably does more to explain why Palladium has rubbed so many people the wrong way than 10,000 words at the purple site).

D8: Peril of the Fat Princess
Lately I’ve been reading Ginger Gone Gaming. She recently ran her first game which adopted Peril of the Fat Princess to Lamentations of the Flame Princess. The adventure is just the right kind of silly side trip that your game needs sometimes so give it a look. Also, props to a first time GM adopting a 4e adventure to LotFP.

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