Monday Pointers, Flogging Molly Edition, February 11, 2013

D4: One I Forgot
Two weeks back when I did things I should have know about already I forgot Heroes & Other Worlds. A modern clone/descendant of The Fantasy Trip I don’t have it yet but it’s on my list.

D6: Really Old School Art
Save Vs. Dragon did a series of posts on turn of the 20th century fantasy artists last week. They are well worth checking out.

D8: Speaking of the Fantasy Trip
This is a handy little comparison of TFT with games based on it.

D10: One Page Write-up Holmes Style
If you read the Holmes sample dungeon it has about a page setting up Portown (the dungeon’s location). As an alternative to creating your own Homlet it’s a fun idea and Blue Boxer Rebellion gives us his campaign’s version.

D12: Fight Over
Fight On! is coming to an end. That is sad news.

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