Red Sun Day: Magical Weapons and Armor Alignment and Attunement

Under the Red Sun the imbuing of weapons and armor is a task for clerics instead of magic-users. The clerics draw the animating spirit of the item from the spiritual realm. One consequence of this is all magical weapons and armor have alignment. They work perfectly well for wielders of the same alignment at low levels of power but may or may not for those of other alignments. More powerful items are not only keyed to alignments but the deity or spiritual force that imbued them and will only work for adherents or those closely aligned to the powers in question.

Determining weapon alignment

If a magic weapon or armor is part of in a treasure hoard roll a D20 to determine its alignment (under the Red Sun the five alignment system reigns):

Roll Alignment
1-8 Lawful Good
9-13 Lawful Evil
14-16 Neutral
17-19 Chaotic Good
20 Chaotic Evil

Why are lawful items more common with lawful good the most common? Permanent powers are more aligned with a lawful world view based on structure and consistency. They are less in tune with the ability to recreate oneself associated with chaotic behaviors and do not inherently aid in maintaining balance between order and freedom or good and evil. Evil powers, even hierarchical ones, believe in a strong ruling the weak ethic and are much more cautious about empowering those weaker than themselves or their agents.

Attuning Minor Weapons and Armor

Minor weapons and armor are those with a bonus of +2 or less or special abilities no greater than spells wielded by a magic-user or cleric of 3rd level or less (both in level and frequency). At the beginning of each combat or before each usage of a non-combat power a character whose alignment does not match that of the item must roll a d3 and obtain a result greater than the number of steps of difference between his alignment and the items. If he does the item works for the combat or the power works. If not it is a normal item for this combat. If the failure was on a power attempt that usage is lost but has no effect. After a number of consecutive function roles equal to the character’s level + 1 the item attunes to that character and will always work for him. Any failed role resets the process. Going up a level during a series of successful roles does not reset the process but does increase the number of consecutive successes by one.

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