Monday Pointers, December 10th Edition

D4:Inspiration for your Spaced Princess Game
For those not familiar with Space Princess it’s a retro-science fiction game based on classic D&D. It’s basic idea is rescuing the Space Princess from a villain’s space station. I think Ace Brave’s solar system would be a great base for adventures (check out the cool aliens from Mercury and Mars if nothing else). Hey, Matt, can we get some write-ups?

D6:Fantasy Heraldry
As a former SCAdian I can’t help but love it when people create heraldry for their games. One of my favorite things about the original World of Greyhawk Portfolio was the border filled with heraldry from that world. It is simple to create, a great source of favorite, and something distinctly medieval.

Monday Pointers, December 3, 2012 Edition

D4: A Fourth Edition I’m Happy To Play
For the past few years if I’ve run a Con game it has been Tunnels and Trolls. If I had half a brain it would be my goto system. I had a chance to pick this edition up in hard copy a few years back and never did, but now I have it in pdf. I’ve been wanting to run a mix of 5th and 7th but maybe this will tempt me back to an older school.