Monday Pointers: November 26, 2012 Edition

D4: The Joy of Factions
Rather Gamey has a great series of posts about using the Stars without Number factions game for his campaign. Although he has posted another faction turn since the linked post above I choose it because it has a set of links to all the lead up posts.

D6: Changeling Round Up
Among the games I have and would love to play as much as ref few stand out as much as two NWoD games: Mage: The Awakening and Changeling: The Lost. I’ve played the former briefly but never the rather. Age of Raven’s recent and not so recent posts only make me want to play it more.

D8: Speaking of Old School
I have written about Palladium before (here and here for example). I consider them the last true Old School game company and/or the oldest OSR company. While I like a lot of their later games (even stuff that is Rift/Palladium 2nd Edition) the first edition of Palladium Fantasy was my go to fantasy game for a period in the late 80s and is still worth mining. All the books for it are also all available on Drive Thru RPG.

D10: Alternate Wardens and Beanstalks
Until the Internet came along I had started to believe I had imagined The Starlost completely. Certainly the Ark fits my conception of a lost starship best of all (I wouldn’t read Orphans of the Sky or Starship until years later).

New Digs

If you were heading to a Blogger blog called “Places to Go, People to Be” do not be alarmed. You are in the right place. I’ve moved to a self-hosted WordPress site for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with the content of the blog.