Monday Pointers 2012-10-22

D4: Xylbocx Starcult
This is some of the best Hawkwind style science fantasy gonzo for D&D I’ve read in a while.

D6: Short Forms of Place Names in the UK
Sure, there is lots of naming stuff out there, but I like this summary of forms.

D8: Anachronisms
Not only anachronisms but creative ones at that. They are, however, not medieval for the most part. Regardless, I think they represent a classic trope of D&D.

D10: Spears of the Dawn
I’m sure most of my readers have seen it already, but I was a way for a couple of months. Finally, we’re getting a Kevin Crawford fantasy game using the Stars Without Numbers take on B/X, something I’d been toying with doing anyway. The best part is he’s putting it into the public domain if I read correctly.

D12: Real fighters use bows
Meanwhile RPGPundit is showing off the cover for a game also in the queue for me. If I could change one thing about the above it would be India over Africa for the setting. I’ve toyed with using India as source before but the richness of it is just daunting.