Random Campaign Idea in Pictures

So, lately I’ve been listening to this:

Which lead to me reading, for the first time, this:

While thinking about running:

Yet at the same time I’d like to run:

Where this:

Has always been associated with:

And I’m really excited to get this soon:

Now, post holocaust after the Martians is nothing new. The Aftermath rules suggest it and a later return of the Martians was the ruin for one of their playtest games (even including the human hunters of men the artillery man envisions). Still, the idea of a devastating Martian war where humanity, but not civilization, is saved by monsters and magicians could be fun.

Base on The World After and this, among others, it’s clear I’ve internalized the D&D is the apocalypse trope. It’s also clear that I prefer it not be nuclear war and have a strong bent on the Devil did it (the multiple images above, for those who don’t recognize them, are from Prince of Darkness).

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