Playing with History

Influenced by a old Jeff Rientspost and prompted because the third has been on my mind today and the second the past week (actually about a week ago, but just finishing the post) here are some pseudo-historically based campaign ideas I’ve had:

Period Campaign Idea Notes Probable Rules
About 110,000 Clark Aston Smith’s Hyperborea set in Sangamonian interglacial period Greenland When reading about Greenland after reading The Tale of Satampra Zeiros I found this map; it’s been the primary inspiration. Of all the ideas this is the one most likely to have me drag out AD&D and believe it or not, second edition. Second edition seems like plays much closer to what I’ve called Intermediate D&D which is the style I played in the early 80s. Also, I’ve never really played second.
871 AD The Viking conquest of Britain during the reign of Alfred the Great. I long had an SCA persona who was a pre-Conquest Saxon. For years he actually bridged the Conquest and afterwards went on the Crusades. Over time I got more interested in earlier periods of Anglo-Saxon England such as Alfred’s reign. Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories would be the major literary influence. Lamentations of the Flame Princess because only the fighter advances in combat and the very magic is very dangerous. Magic would be the hallmark of the invading Vikings in contrast to the clerics of the Saxons.
late 1400s The Valley of Mexico just before the Spanish Conquest (and possibly during). This is the most recently inspired, by the pyramids episode of Out of Egypt which I watched on Netflix. I didn’t realize that Teotihuacan was not of Aztec origin but in fact predates their culture. That alone sounds like an excellent megadungeon. Plus, Aztec culture, even the poor “I read Wikipedia and a overview book plus watched some TV” cultures that characterize D&D games (even ones based on the Middle Ages or Roman), is alien enough for most of the people who might play in my games to make it interesting. While part of me wants to do straight OD&D with this one I suspect Runequest of some form (I’ve got 2nd and 3rd edition as well as BRP and GORE on the shelves and I’m open to either Mongoose version, 6th edition, or Open Quest). More than the other three I’d like to use An Echo Resounding with this one. The Valley of Mexico is perfectly sized for it at 3816sq miles. Remember, in Pre-Columbia America there are no beasts of burdern or riding animals so distances will always be driven by foot speed.


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