It’s common for people to list the inspirations for their campaigns, but do you have uninspirations?

For example, The World After and it’s earlier version City States of the Apocalypse had H. P. Lovecraft as an uninspiration. Although I do enjoy his writing I think he’s overdone. One of his key ideas, humanity is insignificant on a cosmic scale, is completely opposite a key portion of both campaigns. In both, humanity, but it’s own will, broke the entire cosmos.

It seems many, many gamers want to have Tolkien as an uninspiration but their results are mixed.

So, what are your uninspirations?

2 thoughts on “Unispirations

  1. The WotC editions. Gaming fiction (M.A.R. Barker excepted, possibly along with a very few others). Basically, anything that feeds on gaming, rather than feeding into it. Can't think of much else.

  2. Disney animation, post 1e DnD (like Faoladh), video games based on DnD, post-Tolkienian fantasy but not JRRT himself (by which I mean I'm up for a Tolkienian voice – concern with landscape, corrosive fascist threats, enemy overlords who won't show up to settle things with fisticuffs, an elegiac tone – but I don't want the trappings (aristo elves, bluff dwarves, arcadian hobbits, cockney orcs) especially not married to a Disney story), Anne McCaffrey, power-fantasy humanoid-but-badasser PC options, Final Fantasy n+1. Amber, Wagner, Mexican soap operas, supers, sexy vampires, Enya.

    …that's actually about all I can think of right now. I keep thinking of things which, with the right twist, could be awesome.

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