D&D Next Characters

I haven’t played or even finished reading through the playtest materials, but a quick glance at the Race:Class:Background:Theme system with just what’s provided there are 400 potential combinations in the playtest.

Is anyone else trying to generate characters?

Also, why play a human? Is this something we’ll see later? Should we be surprised that only one of five sample characters is human?

2 thoughts on “D&D Next Characters

  1. “Why play a human” got a lot of commentary at my table too. Our best guess is that the human has a +1 to every ability score as their “racial ability;” all of the characters except the human seem to be built on a classic “Elite Array” of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8, then modified for race and class. The human cleric seems to use the Elite Array with +1 to every stat, and an additional +1 to Wisdom for being a cleric.

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