Alternate Unified Elf Chart

Inspired by the Holmes Elf varient here’s a different take on the unified Elf chart in BX and BECMI based on the LBB.

Level Title XP Hit Dice
1 Sapling 0 1D8 + 1D4
2 Forest Warrior 4000 2D8 + 1D4
3 Eyes of the Forest 5000 2D8 + 2D4
4 Sword of the Forest 8000 3D8 + 2D4
5 Sage of the Forest 10000 3D8 + 3D4
6 Wearer of the Garland 16000 4D8 + 3D4
7 Leaf Bringer 20000 4D8 + 4D4
8 Spring Breeze 40000 4D8 + 5D4
9 Summer Flower 70000 4D8 + 5D4 + 1
10 Enchanted Grove 100000 4D8 + 5D4 + 2
11 Voice of the Forest 150000 4D8 + 5D4 + 3

Level To Hit Roll Saving Throws Spells by Level
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Death Ray or Poison All Wands Stone Dragon Breath Staves   Spells 1 2 3 4
1 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 12 13 13 15 15 1

Logic of the tables: Elves are multi-class fighters and magic-users
limited to level four fighter and level eight magic-users. They must evenly
divide the experience between the two classes even after reaching maximum
level as a fighter. This chart merely doubles all costs and arranges the
levels. Until the character has nine hit dice he gains one appropriate for
each class as he gains a level. This means an elf starts with two hit dice.
After maxing out hit dice the character gains extra-hit points as a magic-user
as these levels are all magic-user level.

Titles: I tried to make the titles martial until after the maximum
fighter level. After that I went more airy/fairy mystical names to fit my
conception of elves.

Effects: The idea is to move elves in a less even manner than
traditional BX unified elves. An elf will advance a bit slower and with a
bias. In traditional BX an elf with 8000xp will act as third level in both
classes. Here, he is a third level fighter but only second level magic-user.
He will never fight beyond a four level fighter where in BX he can fight as
tenth level. He does eventually cast as an eighth level magic-user although
slightly less powerful (only one 4th level spell

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