Monday Pointers, Almost the end of January 2012

D4:If this isn’t a Dying Earth curse it should be
So, Ancient Vaults gives us a bug covered in coins that also acts as a coin magnet. While the cursed dwarf idea they suggest isn’t bad, having recently re-read Vance’s classic tale (which is a huge influence on the current Swords of the Red Sun campaign I couldn’t help but think this is a curse originally created for use on Cudgel himself.

D6:Pissing away treasure for fun and progress
Scott provides some easy rules for kickers to XP for treasure by disposing of it without profit, although if you’re using Holmes scroll creation (which I highly recommend) low level Magic-Users get a boost. Still, it helps a little bit with the too much treasure required problem I have.

Plus, “cannibalizing orphans for necromantic rituals should be its own reward.”

D8:A Runequest Geocities Remnant
Highlighting this page is a bit random. A sub-page is the first hit when you search on “lunar elves”, which are one of the two kinds of elves in Swords of the Red Sun (the others are Imperial, or Draconic, Elves). Although we don’t talk about it much in the OSR the early internet era had a huge number of pages about people’s homebrew worlds (there was even an index at one point: Worlds in the Net). They are one of many bridges from now to the early DIY era of RPGs so I thought I’d point one out.

2 thoughts on “Monday Pointers, Almost the end of January 2012

  1. @ancientvaults: Not a problem, that was a great bit…it's got a very “you want to laugh but still have to be serious about it” vibe I try to get (and usually fail).

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