Clockwork Skeletons

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Clockwork Skeletons
Armor Class:7[12]*
Hit Dice:2+2
Number of Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d6/weapon
Dexterity:2d6+3(avg 10)
Movement: 40
Number Appearing: 2d6, rarely found in wilderness
Save as: Fighter 1
Morale: 12
Treasure Type: None

The Clockwork, or Bronze, Skeleton is one of the last remaining magics of the Cult of the Machine God. A bronze skeleton powered by wires and gears these automatons are a standard guardian in their temples and caves. They have rudimentary brain matrices limited to knowing a patrol area, responding to alarms, recognizing friend and foe, and standing guard. They will not automatically attack unless what they are guarding is disturbed. Because of the wires and pulleys that make up their mechanics they are vulnerable to edged weapons unlike undead skeletons.

Because they are not true undead they cannot be turned by a cleric. They have a weird vulnerability to electricity that appears to confuse them, often causing them to run away in a random fashion or cease working. If a Clockwork Skeleton is targeted by an electrically based attack it and all skeletons within 40′ of it react as if they were undead skeletons being faced by a cleric. Roll to turn undead at the level of the person wielding electricity. If turned they move about randomly without attacking. If destroyed they are not physically destroyed but merely freeze in place and cease functioning (if using BFRPG or similar games that interpret D as damaged instead of destroyed apply damage as per those rules).

It is said that the cult once had a secret to clothe these machines in artificial flesh and to allow them to speak, although in a stilted manner with little grace (phrases such as “Your clothes, give them to me” are recorded in stories involving them).

* For BFRPG add 1 to the AC, for LotFP use the conversion from DM book.

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  2. Hey, Herb, would you mind if we put this into the Basic Fantasy Field Guide? I’d need your permission to relicense it under the OGL, and of course a proper copyright statement also.

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  4. Chris, I’d be honored to have them added.

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    • Thanks! I’ve notified Kevin Smoot, the guy who’s in charge of the Field Guide, and he should be able to get it all in there neatly. With any luck, we’ll even get some appropriate artwork done for it.

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