Actual Play: Gigabites Jan. 18

There was no actual play. This isn’t a huge surprise as I only the posting on my blog. I’ve added one to the local D&D meetup page and I’ll make some posters to hang this week.

I did, however, hang out, just hang out, at a game store for the first time in close to a decade. Gigabites is more coffee shop than game store really. They are mostly a minis store and have lots of those, Magic cards, and a handful of RPG stuff. They will order anything and are doing the WotC organized play for Type IV.

What did I do while hanging out? I sat down to do my first real adventure design using material from Matt Finch’s Tome of Adventure Design. I’ve barely scratched the surface and couldn’t give it an honest review but I will say this, using a mix of rolls, just reading the tables, and my scraps of inspiration I’ve already created a more interesting dungeon than anything I’ve done since high school. Admittedly until about 2008 I hadn’t really written once since then (talking 1985 here) the ones I’ve tried to create since joining the OSR have been…generic and seemed identical.

2 thoughts on “Actual Play: Gigabites Jan. 18

  1. It is a great store and, more importantly, probably sustainable as a business.

    I'd always thought running a gaming pub would be cool, but a coffee shop (which also does food) is probably better if only no liquor licence issues.

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