There was a cheesecake free fantasy game

Of late there has been a lot of Elmore love.  Including at least one post all about the cheesecake.

I don’t think anyone who reads this blog is unaware of the issues of the images of women in gaming.

Yet, there is a well known RPG that including many, many female images and at most one or two are even remotely skimpy or sexualized. 

That game is Tunnels and Trolls 5th edition (and 5.5 which has only one new art piece as far as I can tell).

Let’s start at the cover:

We have a female fighter on the left.  She’s fully clothed and is wearing arm guards.  She also appears to be wearing a chain shirt under her tunic (and in the redo of this image for 7th edition she clearly is).

Next up is my favorite image from the entire game, the illustration from the Saving Rolls page:

A female adventurer walking a tight rope over a spiked pit.  Again, she is fully clothed in a quited tunic and pants.  She is barefoot (perhaps to add in walking the rope).  She is also as attractive as she is competent.

Sadly, checking the 7th and 7.5 edition there are plenty of bare mid-rifts although there is a good picture of a female adventurer wearing a breast and back suit and adding spaulder ruined by low rise pants.  From what 4th edition images I can find

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