Monday Pointers, DragonCon 2011 Edition

D4: The breadth of inspiration
Rob Knutz’s recollection of where many items in his and Gary’s early campaign drew inspiration.  If you think that because you’re playing a fantasy game means Iron Man comics and the products of Campbell’s Golden Age are off limits you really need to read this.  He explains much better (by showing, not telling) the idea I was after with the big list.

D6: Opening Pandora’s Box again
Timeshadows is right.  I’ve played T&T since 1979 and it’s my go to game for one-shots and convention games.  Which is why I’m running it at Consticon.

D8: A Far Northern Land
Thanks to Lin Carter’s anthology Lost Worlds, specifically his two “collaborations” with Clark Ashton Smith I got interested in the idea of a Greenland that was tropical and temperate instead of covered in an ice sheet. Wikipedia identifies Smith’s Hyperborea with Greenland although I’m not sure why (anyone got some pointers on that). Regardless, Wikipedia also provides us a map of Greenland sans glaciers with an awesome inland sea.

D10: Infinite Stars
Stars Without Number now has its own fanzine.  While you’re grooving in post-Scream space check out the game’s blog (just click on its title) for a bunch of clippings: little editions including some previews of  a Terra Post Dust supplement and the merchant version of Skyward Steel as well as adding wizards from your favorite old school game to SWN.  You could also use SWN’s psi class as an alternative to supplement three psionics.

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