7 thoughts on “Inspired to run EPT

  1. Had no idea you were local to me! I have to check with the Mrs for that date, but I hope to be there. I just joined the meetup group as well.

  2. @Higgipedia: it's been in the OSR water for sure.

    @Victor: thanks, and thanks for getting me to finally use my 20 year reprint of EPT (I have all four Tekumel games and have run none of them).

    @Mike: I had no idea you were local either…and I've got a half down re-write of one of your R&R classes done to boot. Hope you make it out to the game.

  3. The Mrs has confirmed (not an easy thing to do with 4 kids between us) that I can make it Sep 10th. Can't wait! You running pre-gens or will we make 'em at the table?

  4. I'm going with pre-gens given EPT is a bit off the beaten path even though it's very like OD&D. Also, I've found that works better at Meetup. If it turns into a regular game I might setup for people to generate their characters.

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