Monday Pointers, August 22, 2011

D4: We are more metal than you, period
Just go listen…it’s all about the lyrics.

D6: Taking a bite out of the dungeon
While this class might seem odd or useless I think it’s classic golden age D&D where anything is possible.

D8: Sexy wood nymphs no more
Over on The Barbaric Frontier M.P. provides us with a horrific take on the dryad.

D10: The only thing we have to fear
An interesting alternative rule for “save for flee” horror effects.

D12: Don’t use rules to be lazy
Although the author focused on 4th edition you could argue the trend started with AD&D or maybe even Greyhawk itself.  So when you read it don’t get hung up on the title or the specific game mentioned.  Grok the idea.

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