Monday Pointers, August 15, 2011

D4: If this is half-baked I wish I baked half as well as Tim
So, Tim over on The Other Side has a great idea on how to run a campaign using, in succession, every version of D&D treating all non-advanced or numbered editions as one (which is reasonable).  My biggest question is would I portray the core NPC as Bob Newhart or Noah Wyle.

D6: Evolution of the Rust Monster
If only Darwin knew the possibilities he had discovered.

D8: The List
Want an original, clone, or riff on TSR D&D here’s a great starting point.

D10: You have to have your local nitro play it though
Over at Mule Abides a series of posts have been going through book 2 of the LBB, Monsters & Treasures.  It expects a lot of intelligent magic swords and they could have big effects on the world.

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