To the west of the State of Superior lies the Thousand Freeholds.

After The Night of Blood and Tears local groups in many small farm towns build protective walls and watch towers.  These fortified towns and their protected fields became the nuclei of individual city states.  What was once known as Camp Ripely, a pre-Night military base, was a central training location for APEMaN training.  The post-Night stories of APEMaN pilots as heroes and the baron of a new age draw heavily from their exploits in the Thousand Freeholds.

The name itself is drawn from the name of the pre-Night state that makes up the majority of the Freeholds, The State of One Thousand Lakes.  While the number is not exactly one thousand (and changes over time as new states are founded and old ones fall or merge) but the name is both descriptive and a link to the past.

While it is hard to describe any common aspect to all the Freehold they are generally less human purists than Superior.  While some are anti-magic or anti-psionic others welcome masters both mystical and mental.  Extra-dimensional beings are not overly trusted, but are not openly harassed.  In some places long established lines of EDBs are accepted and even leading members of the community.

In the Lake States there are three basic types of areas in The Thousand Freeholds: in town, freeholds, unclaimed, lake, and wastes.

Thousand Freeholds Encounter Tables 

Freehold In Town Encounters
2 Extra-dimensional Being
4 Lone wolf patrol
5 Military convoy
6 Full wolf patrol
7 Common public services bot
8 Party officials
9 Off Duty Regular soldiers
10 Police patrol
11 Common workers going to or from work
12 Drunks
13 Skinhead Gang
14 Prostitute
15 Slave laborer
16 Adventuring Party
17 Black market dealer of some kind
18 Stoners
19 Escaped slave laborer
20 Minor mutant

Freehold Encounters
2 Extra-dimensional Being
3 Rouge magic user or psychic
4 Lone wolf patrol
5 Slave laborer
6 Full wolf patrol
7 Farming bot
8 Adventuring Party
9 Farm products convoy
10 Military Convoy
11 Military Patrol
12 Farm Workers
13 Farm products convoy
14 Drunks
15 Farming bot
16 Escaped slave laborer
17 Smuggler
18 Industrial resources convoy
19 Minor mutant
20 Major mutant

Freehold Unclaimed Lands Encounters
2 Lone wolf patrol
3 Smuggler
4 Full wolf patrol
5 Military Patrol
6 Extra-dimensional Being
7 Malfunctioning bot
8 Magic-user and apprentices
9 Refugees
10 Adventuring Party
11 Wild animals
12 Giant Ants
13 Giant Deer
14 Mammoth
15 Giant Bear
16 Dragon
17 Demon
18 Escaped slave laborer
19 Minor mutant
20 Major mutant

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