Monday Pointers: August 8, 2011

I’ve posted non-gaming Monday pointers before but starting today I’m shifting my selection process from mostly interesting gaming stuff I’ve read lately to stuff that has affected my thinking on gaming recently.  Some of it is as much inspirational links as anything else.

D4: Well, actually there are five elements, not four
I found this link doing research for tomorrow’s gaming material post.  I did not realize there were two systems of five elements in Japan, that one might be traceable to Indian influences, or that one of them was an organizing principle of The Book of Five Rings.  If you want some alternative inspiration for spells, classes, adventures, and so on this is a good starting point.

D6: Every hero needs a companion
Given my interest in using S&W for new things, most obviously Rifts Done Right, I’m surprised I hadn’t seen this website before I discovered it this weekend while researching a “no core classes” Whitebox S&W game.

D8: Things to do today
Jeff Rients has an interesting series of posts about what is on the to do lists of classic D&D NPCs by race and level.

D10:  A Different Approach to Layout
As I consider combining my notes into a book from my usage and maybe one day publishing (I am in the OSR after all, aren’t we all ideologically required to publish 🙂 ) I’m looking to use more traditional layout methods.  If you are working on a lower powered laptop and don’t want to use high requirement software you might try troff and company.

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