Elfquest musings

In researching Alternate Elves  I found out that all of the Elfquest comics are free on the official website.

If you haven’t read the series give it a shot.  There is a long out of print rpg by Chaosium using BRP.  It had a boxed set and three supplements (although if I understand correctly a later hardback included the companion supplement’s material).  The most interesting supplement, Sea Elves, included the tribe long before they appeared in the comic (I’m not sure if they were invented originally for the RPG or not).

4 thoughts on “Elfquest musings

  1. That's an interesting notion. I can't stand D&D elves, or maybe what I can't stand is the insipid way they are usually presented and played. If I had to picks elves from some body of game-related work, I'd say Tolkien's elves as represented in Iron Crown's Middle Earth RPG were pretty well done.

    But in a fit of despair over game-mutant elf types, I long ago pitched the lot and developed my own brand of elves, drawing more on folklore and invented folklore in the campaign world. but then again, I did that with most “racial” sorts. Not an out-of-the-box gamer, I…. 😉

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