What came first, the monster or the monster beat…

So, I recently got an Android phone and can listen to net radio again at work (my employer recently blocked Pandora, LastFM, et al).  A co-worker convinced me to give Rhapsody a shot and having found they have things like all of the Conjure One, Covenant, and And One catalogs I’m subscribing.  I am disappointed that they have limited Beborn Beton but I’ll live.

One very interesting thing I’ve noticed is much of the year I’ve been listening to mostly metal, both in my own music and Pandora stations. At that time I put a lot into OSR, D&D, and Palladium games writing, reading, and trying to sell game ideas. Lately, past 3 weeks or so, I’ve been on a bit of nWoD and oMage kick with a glance at Mortal Coil. I’ve also been listening to more EBM, second wave Goth, Synthpop, and Futurepop. These gaming styles and musical interests do have strong correlations over time. I have to wonder: why, does one drive the other, do they switch which drives which, or is an external factor more to blame.

So, how does music relate to gaming for you: certain games equate to certain style, artists, or songs? Does what you hear drive what games are on your mind or vice versa?

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