Games I’d Like to Play (not run, play)

Inspired by Matt:


  • Mage (old or new)
  • Rifts
  • Stars without Number
  • Anything from the FGU catalog, although for some odd reason today Flashing Blades is ahead of perennial favorites Psi World (which I have owned everything for as released for some reason) and Daredevils


  • The first AH Starship Troopers
  • Starforce by SPI (source of the name of the band “The Human League”)
  • War at Sea/Victory in the Pacific: one of the monster combined versions with all the extra navies and stuff…I’ve seriously considered making my own copy of VITP recently
  • Stellar Conquest
  • Orge (soon, very soon my precious)


  • Gorka Morka: The single most enjoyable mini game, and one of the top five gaming nights period, was the last time I played this. Everyone lost and everyone had a blast.
  • Horde (hey, Giga-bites, where is my order)
  • Hordes of the Things
  • Starmada with my homemade minis
  • Malifaux: the designers are local and do demons on Thursdays at the above mentioned Giga-bites so maybe I just will tomorrow

2 thoughts on “Games I’d Like to Play (not run, play)

  1. I have been dying to play Dark Ages Mage for the past few years. But nobody in my gaming crew is up for it and I don't want to play it enough to abandon my friends. C'est la vie.

    The book is so gorgeous, it makes me want to cry.

  2. I have to confess Dark Ages and Sorcerer's Crusade are the versions I'm least familiar with. I recently added a bunch of nMage books to my collection thanks to DaveB's Broken Diamond which I recently re-read and Soul Cage which I'm still reading.

    I'll admit, having been a fairly strict Order of Hermes and Sons of Ether guy back in the day (but not Virtual Adepts…too much like work) I have recently really wanted to play someone from the Cult of Ecstasy.

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