May Project: Fox Spirits, a new race class

Both of my gaming sources mention Fox Spirits. MoMaL mention them as one of several kinds of animal spirits but Mystic China treats them as what Palladium calls a Racial Character Class (for those not familiar with Palladium it has both race as class and split race and class depending on the race). We have demi-humans assigned to all our major cultures except Chjinna/Grjeee. A new race would both fill that gap and serve as a great example of “what is unique here” so we’ll add Fox Spirits as a new race.

Where Am I From
1 Maerr Idnn
2 Yaborine
4 Chjinna
5 Chjinna
6 Chjinna
7 Chjinna
8 Grjeee
9 Grjeee
10 Grjeee
11 Rielant
12 Csantinavaire

Experience Level Title Hit Dice Class Ability
0 1 1d8 Purify Food and Water (as per cleric spell)
1600 2 2d8 Light (as per cleric spell)
3200 3 3d8 Shield (as per magic-user spell)
9600 4 4d8
19,200 5 5d8 Thunder Bolts (magical bolts that always strike and do 2d4 damage)
40,000 6 6d8 Infravision
80,000 7 7d8 Protection from Evil (10′ radius)
160,000 8 8d8
320,000 9 9d8 May use any magical staff or rod (but not wands)

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