May Project: Fox Spirits

Both of my gaming sources mention Fox Spirits. MoMaL mention them as one of several kinds of animal spirits but Mystic China treats them as what Palladium calls a Racial Character Class (for those not familiar with Palladium it has both race as class and split race and class depending on the race). We have demi-humans assigned to all our major cultures except Chjinna/Grjeee. A new race would both fill that gap and serve as a great example of “what is unique here” so we’ll add Fox Spirits as a new race.

Where Am I From
1 Maerr Idnn
2 Yaborine
4 Chjinna
5 Chjinna
6 Chjinna
7 Chjinna
8 Grjeee
9 Grjeee
10 Grjeee
11 Rielant
12 Csantinavaire

Experience Level Title Hit Dice Class Ability
0 1 1d8 Purify Food and Water (as per cleric spell)
1600 2 2d8 Light (as per cleric spell)
3200 3 3d8 Shield (as per magic-user spell)
9600 4 4d8
19,200 5 5d8 Thunder Bolts (magical bolts that always strike and do 2d4 damage)
40,000 6 6d8 Infravision
80,000 7 7d8 Protection from Evil (10′ radius)
160,000 8 8d8
320,000 9 9d8 May use any magical staff or rod (but not wands)

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