Monday Pointers

D4:What Do You Need for a Sandbox I
D6:What Do You Need for a Sandbox II

With the effort to create a setting to the point to start a campaign having some guideposts is a good idea.

Yet another great way to build characters not on what they can do but what they’re good at doing. The Pars Fortuna rules he published use this system and look like a great supplement to any old school game.

D10:Relationships Sandbox
Hill Cantons looks at what may be the earliest use of a relationships chart to build a campaign with rules from TSR’s Top Secret. Later posts are providing a worked example.

D12:A Semi-random Encounter System
I like this one page wilderness system that creates semi-random encounters not from tables but from what you placed on the map. The only long term issue I can see is managing turn-over.

D13:Grognardia Inspired by PtGPtB
Okay, not really, but his latest Pulp Fantasy Library post does cover a novel I wrote about in Silver Age Appendix N a while back so I figured a cheap link to get hits up is a “valid” D13. The post featuring the cover art is my most popular post of all time.

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