Blogging A-Z and May

As the last week of the Blogging A-Z challenge begins I want to reflect a bit.

Despite having a gap and being one day behind excluding it I’m considering it a success. It is already my second most prolific month (the most is July 2010 at 33 posts), has the best comment average (although not the most comments), and I’ve had an increase in followers. Despite being prolific I’ve been pleased with most of the entries and consider a couple some of my best. Thank you to everyone who had read and commented and to everyone who has just read.

So, I’m looking at May and wondering what to do. In the past I’ve tried having the regular series on a given day but only Monday Pointers is even 50/50. Artist Inspiration had a good run on Wednesdays but has petered out. Buried Treasure remains buried and Silver Age Appendix N never took off but retroing it to Personal Appendix N would probably work.

What was different about A-Z was it was a larger project, part of a whole. A couple of the blogs I read do theme months and I’m thinking of giving something similar a spin. I think I’m going to try “this month’s project”, similar to what I had hoped to do with RDR this month but lost steam early on. My ADD is bad enough that unless it’s being played any project will have a hard time maintaining any momentum (see just about everyone I’ve started) but I think a “this is what I’m doing this month and then it’s done” will be a good combination of focus and allowance to have other interests.

I’ve got 3-4 ideas in mind, several of which you can blame on Jeff Rients. My three working or semi-working series would then shift to integrate into the project although Monday pointers might be a mix.

My May project will be in a separate post later today along with “T”, “U”, and “M”.

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