3 thoughts on “What are the Gygaxian Building Blocks for Supers

  1. Search me – I'm just making it up as I go along.

    Looking at the defined building blocks, I think you still have “monsters”, though they might be thugs, gangsters or super villains. Magic items are included in powers in MM, but treasure really doesn't figure into the game. Special abilities are also included in the powers. Traps, especially overcomplicated ones that a villain can use as an opportunity to recite his evil monologue before leaving the heroes to die, are definitely part of the comic book world. So, I guess I would say:

    Powers, Monsters, Traps

  2. Okay – I can't answer the question either. But I have to comment on that weird post you linked to. The building blocks concept is interesting I agree, but I completely fail to see how Traveller and Runequest don't have those building blocks because they are Braunstein + Kriegspiel.

    More importantly, Gary Gygax didn't design any of those so called “Gygaxian” building blocks. All of those “blocks” were in play in Blackmoor before Gary ever sat down to his first town and dungeon foray under Dave in Nov of '72.

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