Monday Pointers

D4:Bastard Serpent
A sea monster related to Chinese Dragons might seem a basic monster. What really stood out for me with this one is how it’s a worked example of using folk lore instead of fantasy fiction, and an older book of folk lore at that, to create a unique but believable monster. Sadly the book has not made it to Project Gutenberg (although that gives me an idea for a May theme/challenge).

D6:The Value of Not Defining Your Terms
Sir Larkins has been riffing on “which 13-14th century” the Forgotten Realms resembled. However, the best take so far is “BC or AD?”. Just remember, if you take this path consider dawn age magic which was inspired by Imperishable Fame.

D8:Grindhouse Gaming
Let’s be honest, most of our gaming is already.

D10:Erotic Fantasy via Lamentations of the Flame Princess (NSFW)
Luna, the model used for the Flame Princess herself snake demon the Flame Princess faces off against on the cover, is featured in the erotic horror section of Fangoria magazine. Not safe for work.

D13:An Awesome Shout Out
As you might have noticed D13 is for waving my own flag. This week Mythmere himself has given me a shout out and I just have to brag.

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