C is for Cyborg

The Cyborg is type of fighter. He has decided to trade parts of his body for mechanical replacements. This make him tougher and faster but at the cost of connection to the natural world. This both makes him less able to use magic and less able to heal from damage versus being repaired.

For all rules effects except as noted below treat him as a fighter per the S&W Whitebox rules or whatever baseline rules set you are using.

Hit points: The biggest complexity of the cyborg is he has both normal hit points (based on his biological being) and superhuman hit points (for his cyborg parts). These need to be tracked separately.

Normal hit points are gained as per the S&W rules. See the chart below, however, for modifiers to the roll at each level.

Superhuman hit points start at zero and are gained once at character creation based on which body parts are replaced. Superhuman hit points take damage first but cannot be healed naturally or magically (exception: some technomancer repair spells) but must actually be repaired. If there is spillover damage after superhuman hit points are all lost they spill over to regular hit points and any multiplier is applied to those points before damage is taken.

Replacement Parts:

The player must choose at character generation which body parts have been replaced.

Body Part Armor Class Improvement Supernatural Hit Points Hit Dice Penalty Other Advantages
Off Arm -1[+1] +2 -1 Hand to hand damage becomes superhuman
+1 penalty to fine motor skill activities
Favored Arm -1[+1]

+2 -1 Melee weapon damage becomes superhuman
+1 penalty to fine motor skill activities; loses half of all bonuses from magic weapons.
Legs -2[+2] +6 -2 Double all movement rates
Torso -2[+2] +6 -2 +2 to all saving throws against physical damage/attacks; loses ability use magical potions
Head -2[+2] +6 -2 +2 to all saving throws against magical damage/attacks; gain dark vision initially and one sense addition every odd level up to (and including) level 9; loses ability to use magical scrolls and any magic item with an activation word;

Hit dice penalty applies at all hit dice rolls after first level. It cannot result in negative hit points but can result in zero being gained. In fact, taking any combo that leads to -6 or more will mean the character is at max hit points ever at first level.

If all available replacement parts are taken (full cyborg) the character no longer needs to eat but will lose 1 superhuman hit point per week without regular preventive maintenance (not field maintenance).

Additional sense abilities for a cyborg head should be a permanent version of a sense enhancing spell. More powerful spells (such as detect invisible) should require a sensors skill roll.

Skills:Field mechanic and survival at 1. In addition, starting at level 2 the gain one skill point per even level. Characters with a cyborg head may spend points on sensors skill.

5 thoughts on “C is for Cyborg

  1. Wow, knowing how you feel about the Retro's that's quite the compliment.

    That said, like any add-ons for TSR D&D this should be easily adaptable to B/X, LBB, BECMI, etc.

    Now, Chimera, not so much. Although much of what I'm having to do Chimera covers.

  2. The brilliance is in the concepts. I really like your Other Advantage for the cyberware, and the AC adjustment is a nice touch.

    Having read through a couple of S&W versions, I'm not convinced that it does a good job of “D&D”. Strangely though, it seems to be an excellent foundation for your RDR expansion.

    I'm hooked…for the rest of the month, at least. 😉

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