Monday Pointers: Out Like a Lamb Edition

D4:Favored and Unfavored Abilities
Here’s a cool little house rule for generating ability scores. It’s from an abandoned attempted at the Fantasy Heartbreaker exercise by Mike Holmes and related by Ron Edwards in the second fantasy heartbreaker article. The irony is I found Madcat’s blog looking up one of my favorite heartbreakers, Fifth Cycle. Regardless, I think this idea will work it’s way into The World After, at least for generating non-humans.

D6:Produce a Setting Almanac, not Encyclopedia
This one is a bit old, but given I’ve got two posts in the hopper today that reference it I figured I should link to it. Zak, about to produce his first published setting, argues prose is the wrong way to present a setting. Instead we should have game rules materials: random charts, classes, lists, etc.

D8:Yet This is An Encyclopedia
The hot thing last week in the OSR seemed to be our very own wiki with many exhortations to link your favorite things.

D10:A Truly Random Contest
So, Fight On is having a random tables contest. The winners get to roll on a series of treasure tables for their prize.

D12:Not An April’s Fools
This Friday is the pre-order day for LotFPWFRPG: Grindhouse Edition and Vornheim (which is the above mentioned setting by Zak). I will be as close to #1 as possible to the point of considering writing a bot to do it.

Two posts in the hopper today (as in almost done) plus Thursday I’ll be putting up a “to be filled in as I go” index for the post a letter a day in April.

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